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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

May 10, 2000 - 15 years old

May 10, 2000 Today was a good day. I had fun at school. It was Tom’s (Tom Medved) birthday, so I went shopping and got him a present.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

May 9, 2000-15 years old

May 9, 2000 Today was rainy and cold. I did very little of importance. I went to Scouts.

Monday, September 15, 2014

May 8, 2000- 15 years old

May 8, 2000 Today I had school and it was very hot out. Other than the weather it was a normal day.

Friday, September 12, 2014

May 7, 2000- 15 years old

May 7, Today was Fast Sunday. It was a good time. I sent in papers for driving school.

May 5/6, 2000 - 15 years old

May5/6 On the 5th I had a job interview and slept over at Steve’s. We played Axis & Allies and watched Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Today I went to George Webb’s (the restaurant) and was officially hired at McDonald’s. I played around and ate at the Olive Garden.

May 4, 2000 - 15 years old

May4, 2000 I got an interview scheduled for tomorrow at 4 for McDonalds. It turns out I need to be 16 or older to work at most places. Other than that the day was ordinary.

May 3, 2000 - 15 years old

May 3, 2000 Today was a very boring school day. After school I helped a guy move his furniture. Then I went to an AFS thing with Mapi (our foreign exchange student from Chile).

May 2, 2000 - 15 years old

May 2, 2000

            Today in gym we played soccer outside and it was wet out. I slipped and fell around 4 times and ran into a couple of people. It was ok though ‘cause I scored 2 goals. After school I applied for a job at Circuit City and looked at a job at Best Buy. They both seem pretty desperate for employees. At Scouts I ran a mile in 6min. and 9 seconds. (I was tripped twice by Pat). I also did 46 pushups and 54 situps.

May 1, 2000 - 15 years old

May 1, 2000

            Today was good. I played a lot of card games. Hung around. Yep.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

April 30, 2000 - 15 years old

April 30, 2000

            Today was a good Sunday. I learnt about charity, the atonement, and testimonies. I’ve decided to be as nice as possible and never angry. I also want to work out more.

April 29, 2000 - 15 years old

April 29, 2000 I went on Spring Break and haven’t been able to write in my journal so I’ll backtrack through my trip (end to beginning) so I keep the days straight. (April 29) Today I came home, we left Las Vegas at noon and got home at 9:30pm. It didn’t really take that long because we went through a couple of time zones and had a 3hr. layaway in Chicago. The plane trip from Chicago to Milwaukee took about 13minutes. (April 28) Today we went to Caesar’s Palace Mall and saw a 3D show called “Ride to Atlantis,” it was so-so. We also visited a giant toy store (that was cool). Afterward we saw a comedy/magic show that was very good. For dinner we went to the “Tournament of Kings” it was like Medieval Times (knights jousting, etc.) but had more pyrotechnics and special effects. Our king (the King of Ireland) won a lot of events. Overall it was very good. (April 27) (Found out Aunt Jenny had a baby girl on April 27) Today we visited the Grand Canyon. It was very impressive. Afterwards we drove to Las Vegas and saw a Pirate show at Treasure Island. (April 26) Today we toured Mesa Verde, (it’s a place where a bunch of Native Americans lived and left ruins of cliff-cities and other things) and it was long but ok. After that we went to Four Corners and stayed at a hotel in a big Navajo Indian reservation. (April 25) Today we visited Arches National Park. It was a lot of fun. We got to climb on the Arches and everything. (April 24) Today we visited BYU bookstore and ate at Carolyn’s restaurant (she’s a waitress there). It was fun. (April 23) Today was Easter Sunday. I had a good time at church, etc. (April 22) Today I hung out with relatives and went Easter egg hunting. It was a lot of fun. (April 21) Today I hung out with friends a while and then took a plane to Las Vegas around 9:00pm. Then we started driving to Carolyn’s house.

Friday, September 5, 2014

April 20, 2000 - 15 years old

April 20, 2000 Today I did nothing of value at school. I watched a lot of movies, etc. After school I played Steve in Starcraft (he won 1 and I won 1). I’m going on a trip tomorrow.

April 19, 2000 - 15 years old

April 19, 2000 Today was rainy. At school I did nothing really important. After school I hung around and did almost nothing. We had missionaries over to eat.

April 18, 2000 - 15 years old

April 18, 2000 Today I had a very boring English class. I had to drink lemon juice to stay awake. Scouts went long, so I’m getting to bed late. I also hung out at Steve’s house after school. I had a good breakfast though.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

April 17, 2000 - 15 years old

April 17, 2000 Today was pretty much a normal day. All I did was baisically hang around. I played some video games and just had fun.

April 16, 2000 - 15 years old

April 16, 2000 Today was Stake Conference. It was ok. I also had a youth fireside. That was good. I talked a lot with Pat (one of my church friends). I’ve been thinking about a couple of things Alex said yesterday. The first comment that struck me is that he commented that he felt like he “experienced too much.” Which I think is a sign that he regrets what he’s doing. Another thing that sort of made me think he regrets his actions is that he kept on asking people if they’ve smoked marijuana or other bad things as if they did it too, he was less at fault. The second comment that hit me is he thought I was the type of person who’ld do drugs. I quickly explained my religious beliefs on the subject and now I’m wondering why he would think that.